Barely Legal Co Ed’s

On April 2, 2016, in College Co Eds, by Admin

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Being a barely legal co ed, I needed to do something to earn for school. My parents don’t have a lot of money, so I have to cover most costs myself. I simply don’t have the patience to work in low paying fast food job like some of my fellow students do. I’m too lazy for that, I want full time pay for part time work, and a girl mentioned to me she’d done some escorting and phone sex work to help pay her way through school and I thought what have I got to lose, I can try it.

I still don’t know if I will do the escorting yet, but she gave me the name of a phone sex company she takes calls for and here I am and it’s been ok. I far prefer taking calls than flipping burgers. I am a fairly horny girl and like to masturbate a lot, I love sex too, so may try the escorting down the road, but for now, the calls are working out for me, I’ve been masturbating even more than usual. Don’t you find sometimes the more you do it, the more you want to? I certainly do find that the case for myself.

This guy called up last night and he adored the fact that I’m only eighteen. That really turned him on, I’m the same age as his niece and he’s had the hots for her for ages and he made a move on her last weekend and she gave him a hand job. She’d been teasing him for years, wearing mini skirts with no panties on and then bending over and making sure he saw her pussy. She saw how hard he was and she sat down and rubbed her uncle’s dick through his pants and made him cum when she took his cock out. I think this will work out fine, doing this phone sex.

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Touch Yourself Like This

On March 23, 2016, in Cock Control, by Admin

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Guided masturbation is one of the most popular reasons that clients call us up. There’s nothing like being told how to stroke your cock at somebody else’s pace. It’s almost like they are the ones doing the stroking, that’s the whole point, right? So it feels like they are doing the touching. It’s wonderful how we touch ourselves, we know exactly the right way to please ourselves. When it’s another person, they have their own style and tempo that they use and it can be much different than our own, but no less pleasurable.

It can even be more pleasurable, since we don’t know what’s coming next, the same as if we were doing it in person and surprising you. Do you dare to relinquish control over your sweet cock to us? Do you think we can make you cum extraordinarily hard and in a way you yourself might not think of given the choice? Think we can make you blow loads? Yes, yes we can. It can be exciting to sexually surrender to another person and let them take us down a path we otherwise might not go down. The speed, the strength of touch, it can be very hot to let someone else tell us what to do.

Until you’ve tried the wonders of cock control and guided masturbation, you really don’t know what you’re missing pleasure wise. Some guys into this sort of call are happy with a pretty repetitive up and down routine and if that’s what they want, fine, let them enjoy what they want. Others like that total giving up of power and handing themselves over to someone that loves to do it and do it properly. Men aren’t the only ones that enjoy guided masturbation, many ladies love it as well if the guy knows how to do it properly, it can be a very fun ride.

Your Randy Neighbor

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You know who I am, in one way you do, in one way you don’t. I am your randy, neglected neighbor. The horny MILF next door. The one who’s husband is always out of town on business and I’m always alone when you see me and you wonder how I manage when my hubby is never home. Well I will tell you, I masturbate a lot, and I work here on the phone lines to get a little male companionship. My hubby has no idea and I doubt he’d even care. I’ve also been seeing the nice young man that lives down the street, the college student.

At first I thought working on the phone sex lines might be enough to keep me from running around on my husband, but then after a while I thought, he doesn’t care enough to see to my needs, so someone else might as well do it and I’ve been fucking that twenty one year old boy for nearly a year. I have him right in my husband’s and my own bed and don’t feel the slightest amount of guilt about it. I love that young cock and I text him whenever I want to get fucked. If he’s available, he comes right over, if he’s not, I log onto this phone sex site and play on the phone with whoever might be lonely and calling in, it’s worked out quite well actually and I wish I’d seen the light years ago and not been depriving myself and staying faithful to some cold prick that doesn’t care and doesn’t deserve me.

I’d done some phone sex work many years ago to help pay my way through university, it never occurred to me I’d be back at it one day when my marriage had gone cold. My husband makes a good living though and he doesn’t mind me not working and I can buy whatever I’d like, but this secret life I’ve got going on with the college boy and the secret phone sex job is a lot of fun, makes me feel naughty and downright young again, so I think it’s a bonus any way you look at it. He seems to have lost his drive completely, unlike the naughty guys who call in, they sure have a good sex drive most of them and I’m happy to help them masturbate!

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Spank My Ass

On March 2, 2016, in Hardcore, by Admin

spanking, corporal punishment, school

One of the things I’ve always enjoyed a guy doing is dominating me. I’ve always gone for strong willed men who enjoyed being in charge in the bedroom, domination and submission are very fun things to get into if you trust your partner. I’ve had several callers tell me how much they enjoy giving a little slut a blistering, bare bottom spanking. I have had red marks on me for days afterwards at times. Not all ladies like to be marked that way, but I look at it as residual love marks of sorts, marks I can look at in the mirror, days after I’ve last seen my lover and see the evidence that we were together recently and that it was intense.

A man called up the other night and he had me spank myself as we spoke on the phone, I could hear the arousal in his voice and I knew how very turned on he was. I had a wooden hairbrush handy and it had a thick, rectangular base to it and he had me whacking myself very hard indeed, and I enjoyed it as much as he did! Spanking might seem silly to some, but I’ve always gotten off on it. Back when I was in school, I was a little slut and got caught many times and back then they did corporal punishments and canings in school and I’d bend over and hike my Catholic school girl plaid skirt up and get it right across my rear. Many times that night I’d masturbate and think about it.

I guess some might find that odd, butt he headmaster was a handsome middle aged man and I quite fancied his looks and I wondered if any of the other school girls ever got turned on by him spanking them or caning them and if they went home and masturbated and thought about it and him and him fucking them over the desk the way I did. I swear more than once I left that office I saw him with a bulge in his pants and I’d bet money he got aroused while doing it, just how many men are.

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Surrender To My Feet

On February 7, 2016, in foot fetish, by Admin

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One of the types of calls I specialize in is Foot Fetish. My boyfriend has a real Foot Fetish and I love playing with his cock and balls with my feet every chance I get. He’s obsessed with my feet and is very generous buying me lots of pretty shoes, boots and sandals and either doing fancy pedicures on me himself, or giving me money to get them done at the salon, but he usually enjoys doing it himself. He finds red the most arousing colour to do my toes, and black stockings with seams up the back. He’s old fashioned that way.

Sometimes he enjoys me wearing the stockings as I caress his cock and balls with my nylon covered feet and toes, the texture of the nylon drives him crazy and I’m more than happy to arouse him this way. He likes to shoot his drops of cum all over the stocking covered feet and look as the little drops of cum absorb into the nylons. He’s even been known to suck on my toes once he’s shot his load all over them, bare or wearing the nylons. I actually quite enjoy having my feet played with and my toes sucked and it gets him hard as a rock to do so, and I let him often.

So many callers like to hear about my foot escapades, and it’s fun to know they are jerking off as they listen to me tell them about all the loads my feet and toes have milked out of a guy. I squish their balls with my bare feet and curl my toes around their dick, it’s a lot of fun to just lay back and let my feet do the work and watch them get all worked up into a frenzy from my flexible feet I have such good control over. So if feet turn you on, maybe give me a call and I will tell you all about the last foot job I gave!

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Silky, Sexy Stockings

On January 19, 2016, in Stockings, by Admin

stockings, lingerie, fabric

Even when I’m home alone, I enjoy wearing pretty, sexy lingerie, just for myself. It’s the same reason I paint my toenails and shave my pussy even though I currently don’t have a man in my life, I do it for me, because it makes me feel better about myself and more confident and sexual. When I go out and have on a garter belt, stockings, and a matching bra and panty set, even though no one knows I am wearing those things underneath my clothes, I like how it makes me feel.

Sometimes guys call up when they are looking for phone sex and ask me what I am wearing. They might think I’m wearing jeans and a tee shirt or sweats looking like a slob, but I can tell them, you know what, I’m wearing black stockings with a seam up the back, a garter belt, a corset and heels and I like how sexy it makes me feel, the silk, the satin. I can practically hear their dicks getting hard as I’m describing what I’m wearing to them and they love it! I know they are gripping their cocks and pumping their dicks up and down when I tell them to and closing their eyes and envisioning what I’m wearing.

Guys I’ve fucked in real life love the type of old fashioned lingerie I wear, when women were real women. I’ve even done stripteases for them, tossing my stockings across their shoulders and slowly pulling them down, teasing them as I do, fluttering my eyelashes at them and then fucking their brains out. Some like to fuck while I’m still wearing the lingerie, just pulling the panties aside and being able to enjoy the view of me in the stockings and lingerie. It makes it hotter for us both when I’m looking my best.

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Horny MILF’s For Fucking

On January 1, 2016, in MILF's, by Admin

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I’m a lonely, horny MILF that turned to working the phone sex lines to get a bit of attention from men since my husband all but ignores me anymore. He’s always too busy for me, on business trips, or out golfing with his buddies, and I’m left home alone to masturbate to satisfy my sexual desires. I haven’t had sex in many months, he is just not interested anymore it seems.

I’ve been watching that young boy across the street more and more when he comes home from uni. He’s said hello to me when I’ve been outside before and I may just get a bit friendlier with him. I saw a movie about girls working a phone sex line last year and decided to give it a try myself and I’ve not only earned a bit of money, but had lots of fun and some interesting conversations with some very horny men of all ages. I should have done this years ago, it’s made my masturbation sessions a lot more entertaining and naughty! I’ve always had lots of fantasies and not felt comfortable telling my husband about them, yet I can tell these guys on the phone all about it with ease.

A man called last night and he told me some very dirty things and I was surprised I was turned on by them, but I was and I was touching my pussy as I talked to him about it and he encouraged me to tell him my fantasies as well. I’ve had so many talks like this, I wish I’d thought to try phone sex years ago, it’s added so much excitement to my life, and my husband doesn’t even know I’m into it. When he is home, he just watches porn and ignores me, the hot, neglected MILF.

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Let Me Control Your Cock

On November 29, 2015, in Cock Control, by Admin

chastity, cuckold, cock control
I do enjoy the idea and practice of denying men their pleasure and orgasm. Even getting them worked up and denying them can be quite amusing for me. Cock control is good for them, makes them pitiful and weak and begging for release, which I may or may not allow them depending on my mood. Usually they will not be allowed the release they so desperately crave.

One called last night in chastity. His wife has been cuckolding him for the better part of the last five years,a and she keeps him in chastity much of the time. Once a month he is allowed out of his device for a maximum of three days. If he’s been bad, she may skip the month entirely of his time of release. He called me and it was during his three day unlock period and he was desperate to cum. She of course does not allow him to fuck her, but on occasion he is allowed to watch her with one of her lovers. He nearly cums watching even without any hand to penis contact.

He called quite worked up, he hadn’t cum in a month and he was dripping pre cum when he picked up the phone to call me. He was so desperate it was funny, you could hear it in his voice. I said he had my permission to cum and he was pumping his cock in his hand as I told him how lucky he was to be out of his chastity device and masturbate at all. It didn’t take the poor bloke long to cum, he’d been so long without, it just burst all over the place in a couple of minutes of his being allowed to touch his cock. Cock control is indeed fun for me, maybe not so much for the ones locked up.

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Horny Plus Sized MILF For You

On November 28, 2015, in MILF's, by Admin

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There’s lots of horny ladies at home just waiting for your call. MILF’s, cougars, of all shapes and sizes. Some MILF’s are cuddly types, and they do get lonely and would love someone to talk to them as you play together on the phone. Phone sex is such a wonderful hobby, it’s so much better than masturbating alone.

I’m a MILF, and I love sex with all sorts. Especially young, horny guys that are college age. They love playing with a gal their mum’s age and sometimes they even like to call me their mum as we play! I don’t mind, I know it’s all in good fun and they are just horny, lonely young guys with full, aching balls that need to be drained and often. I’m a very horny lady and I not only have a young lover less than half my age, I also take calls at night to masturbate and have fun with. I love hearing men cum for me on the phone and they like knowing I’m playing with my mature pussy whilst I’m on the phone with them.

There was a young bloke last night that called, and he hadn’t cum in over a week, he’d been away visiting relatives and hadn’t had much privacy the whole time he was there and as soon as he got back home he got on the line for some relief and was glad when I answered. He was already hard as a rock and stroking when I answered and I could hear the need in his young voice, he was only a lad of nineteen and sounded so cute, I wish he’d lived closer so I could have helped him for real. I bet he’d have loved my big ass and nice shapely tits he could have sucked on while he fucked me and pounded my cougar pussy. He was a real doll and so grateful for my helping him and talking dirty to get him off.

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Local Phone Pussy For You

On October 25, 2015, in UK Phone Sex, by Admin

This bloke called up last night and he was hot and horny and raring to go when I picked up the phone. I could tell from his breathing he was already going at it and I asked what the rush was. He said his wife was due back in twenty minutes or so and he had to make sure he was done by the time she was back. He said they hadn’t fucked in years and she resented his even masturbating, such a typical story I hear from so many.

He wanted me to describe giving him a wet, sloppy blow job to him, something he hadn’t had in many a year, and then how I’d ride his cock, so I said to close your eyes and imagine me moving that wet, smooth tongue all over that throbbing, aching dick, which he was pumping furiously in his hand like a masturbating fiend. It had been a few days since he came and he was very horny, he’d had some porn on before he called and asked if it would be ok if he turned it back on as we talked and I said of course, some guys like the visual stimulation as we talk and I often hear it in the background during calls.

Then I said how I’d get him on his back and slide my shaved fanny down on his dick and bounce up and down and grind my little clitty against his throbbing cock and squeeze me pussy muscles around his shaft and milk him until he absolutely exploded inside of my cunt and feel his shoot his creamy load of spunk inside of me and drive me wild. Told him I’d place his hands on my huge tits for him to rub while I fucked and rode him hard. He came so hard as he listened to me and watched the porn, I was glad to help him, since his wife sure wasn’t.

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