Watch My Boobs Bounce

On July 15, 2016, in Huge Boobs, by Admin

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What man doesn’t like a gal with big, bouncy tits? Big boobs are most men’s preference, of course all boob sizes, big and small have their fans, but given the choice, most guys will go for a little extra. A tit wank is always popular with guys when they can get their hands on a buxom gal. Laying them back and straddling them and sliding that cock in between those fun bags is always a treat, and having them get the tip of their cock licked at the same time, even more so. Not all women have big enough boobs that a tit wank is going to be possible though.

Most models that appear in skin magazines do have larger than average breasts and so many guys stare at women’s chests and not their faces if they are in fact more well endowed than the average woman. Resting their heads on them, playing with the, squeezing them, these are all fun things for guys with a boob fetish. Breast milk fetish can also go hand in hand with a large chested gal. Lots of guys imagine nursing on their tits and even having them play mommy as they drink that sweet breast milk.

Some like the idea of breast milk being squirted on their cock and watching the gal lick it off, this can prove very sensual for ones into the breast milk boob fetish. Do you want to drink from mommy’s ample breast? Suckle from her as you finger her pussy and get her all wet and sticky with your fingers as she dribble that warm milk down your throat? Sounds sexy, doesn’t it? You know you want to feel that milky sweetness in your mouth as you fuck her and drink from her at the same time. Those huge boobs can hold a lot of milk, just you wait and see.

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Fisting My Pussy

On July 1, 2016, in Fisting, by Admin

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My boyfriend is a bit into BDSM these days, he’s been watching a bit more extreme porn and he asked how I’d feel about him fisting my pussy, I’d never tried that before, but had used a few extra large dildos a few times, so I wasn’t against trying it. He said we’d use a lot of lube and get me nice and wet before he’d try it and I said ok, so we started the night with a lot of pussy licking to get me nice and wet and juicy, and he really did. He slithered that sweet, expert tongue of his all over my cunt and I was practically screaming with ecstasy as he did.

He made me cum several times from all his clit sucking and I was just oozing with my own juices and he said he thought I was ready to try, so I said ok. He slathered up his whole hand with lube and attempted to get his fingers in, which he did, then he pushed further and got in his hand and it was in all the way up to the wrist. I was stretched to the max and he twisted his hand a bit once he was in there and he continued to work his thumb of his other hand on my clit making me cum yet again and he could feel my cunt clench around his hand as I came with his hand all the way inside of me, then he slid it out and I felt I was absolutely gapping there for a few moments.

I was breathless and I could feel my pussy slowly going back to its normal tightness, but it took a while and he said he’d never done that before but after seeing it in the porno, he’d wanted to try. I said now you could cross off one more thing off your sexual bucket list and he laughed and agreed. I’m not sure if we will try it again or not, but at least we can say we did it once.

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Forced Bi Phone Sex

On June 14, 2016, in FemDom, by Admin

fem dom, female superiority, forced bi

So many callers want to suck cock, you wouldn’t even believe it. Nearly half I’d say and many have done it at some point in their life and have never been able to stop thinking about it. One called last night and he was telling me how he was weak and pathetic and wimpy and he needed a strong woman to lead him and show him the way. How he took orders and never questioned anything, you should have heard his voice, he sounded like a grade A sissy if ever there was one, how he’d get any woman would be beyond me. Maybe if he made a lot of money he might be able to get one to agree to a cuckold type of arrangement.

He was without a lady at the moment, big shocker there, and he said he’d had an appointment with a real time dominatrix the weekend before and how she’d helped him with something he’d been thinking of for a while, sucking cock. He’d always wanted to take a cock in his mouth but had never had the courage to move forward and actually do it and he felt a visit to her dungeon just might do the trick and he was correct. He was made to get on all fours and chained to the floor naked, on his knees.

A large and dominant man came in with the dominatrix and he was presented with the cock to suck and he had a hard taking it all in at first, as it was very thick and he could barely get his lips wrapped around it and the Mistress had to help get it in and make him suck it and he was gagging a bit due to the girth of it filling his mouth, but he finally got the swing of it and was even able to swallow his first load of cum and he felt very happy to have finally crossed off one of the things on his sexual bucket list by sucking the cock.

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Cheap Fuck

On May 28, 2016, in Cheap Fuck, by Admin

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Not all women need or want you spend all kinds of money on them. Some are cheap dates and are perfectly happy having pizza and beer at home, usually before fucking your brains out. Not all gals are comfortable at some ritzy place and have to act all proper like, they are happy to be your frugal slut at home. Imagine some dollar store dolly that is horny all the time, she’s not caring about the size of your wallet, she’s more concerned about the size of your dick. She’d rather be in your bed than in some pretentious restaurant minding her p’s and q’s.

Take that slut out for a burger and fries and then take her home to suck your dick and fuck you hard, riding you all night long. Lots of guys that call are pretty tight with their dollars as it is, they are looking for bargains, in their choices for phone sex and in their choices in women, not many guys want some chippie that’s always harping at them to buy them stuff. They want someone to make them a sandwich and suck their dick a lot.

A guy called up last night and was telling me about this little slut he’d picked up at the grocery store. He helped her get a bottle of something that was on too high of a shelf for her to reach and they struck up a conversation and were soon having coffee a few hours later and she invited him back to her place and they fucked their brains out all night long and he’d only met her hours before. She was a horny little minx he said, anxious for cock and ready to put out so easily, and he’d never laid out money for more than the coffee he got them. She didn’t require date after date, maybe she was just looking for fun though and not love, obviously. There’s girls like that out there, you just have to look, and these days, you don’t have to look hard.

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Fuck My Sexy Ass

On May 21, 2016, in anal sex, by Admin

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Last night was a very naughty girl with my boyfriend in the kitchen as I was preparing dinner. He came up behind me and started to nibble on my ear and play with my breasts he was cupping in his hands, which I didn’t mind too much, the meal I was cooking had a ways to go to being finished, so I didn’t mind a bit of fooling around to get me going a bit, I knew we’d fuck after dinner and have lots of fun. Though I hadn’t thought anal sex was going to be on the evening’s menu.

He slowly started to peel my panties down and I of course thought he was going to fuck me there bent over the counter, he’s done that many times before. He fucked me alright, but not where I was expecting it, he fucked me up my ass. We’d had anal sex a few times but I wasn’t anticipating getting fucked up the ass as the chicken baked. He always likes to surprise me and he certainly did. He rimmed my ass, kissing and licking it, swirling his tongue around it and tongue fucking me up my tight little butthole.

I gasped with surprise, but just went with it, when he popped his cock head inside of my ass, I just relaxed, since anal sex is a lot more comfortable if you just relax and not stress or heaven forbid tighten up, that just makes it worse, he pounded me and I played with my clit as he fucked my ass and I son came and so did he, I did feel a naughty girl, getting anal sex bent over the kitchen counter, but sometimes you have dessert before dinner, like we did. Callers love hearing about my naughty anal adventures, maybe you should give me a call and see what I’ve been up to!

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Blow Job At The Bar

On May 18, 2016, in Sloppy Blowjobs, by Admin

blow job, oral sex, oral, suck

Last night I had a fantastic sexual experience. I was at this new club with my girlfriends and we were having a great time, dancing and drinking and acting silly when some good looking guys came in and one of them spotted me immediately and came over and asked me to dance with him. I had had a few already so wasn’t the most steady on my feet, but I wanted to touch him, I wanted to grind against him and I happily accepted and was acting like quite the wanton slut as I pressed my breasts against his chest and let him grab at my ass.

I took him to a darkened corner and started to kiss him and rub his crotch with my hand. His dick was hard and throbbing and I could feel how much he wanted me. I unzipped him and slipped my hand in his pants and started to stroke him and tease him and then I bent down and got on my knees and gave him a blow job . His back was to the room and it was very dark so I don’t think anyone saw us as I was sucking his cock right there. I then got up and wanted more.

I didn’t fight him at all as he took me to the bathroom and I knew we were going to fuck like animals standing up in a stall. I wanted his dick inside of me and I wrapped my legs around his waist and let him pull my panties tot he side and I let him slide his dick into me and we fucked and fucked the whole stall wall was shaking back and forth with every thrust he gave me and people came and went and they knew someone was fucking in there but we didn’t care, we just wanted to cum and it wasn’t long until he blew his load deep in my cunt. I licked his cock once more giving him another blow job to clean it off, tasting my own juices and his cum and it was the best fuck I’ve had in months.

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UK Bitches For Phone Sex

On May 12, 2016, in UK Phone Sex, by Admin


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Lots of horny UK women are available for phone sex at all hours of the day and night for your masturbation pleasure. We know lots of people calling phone sex lines are lonely, horny and have no bitches to fuck. Your wives are likely cold and unfeeling, or you might just be downright ugly and lame and can’t find a real woman to fuck you, so you turn to phone sex lines to find a woman to talk to. The ladies that do like sex out there, many have husbands just as cold as your wives, so they resort to offering themselves up on phone sex lines to masturbate with anonymous strangers.

Call up a UK horny bitch tonight to masturbate with, it’s likely been far too long since either of you got laid, so why not connect with each other and just get some happiness as you get off together. It’s a sad fact that most relationships have people with totally unequal sex drives, one wants it and the other doesn’t, and they stay together for many different reasons, the kids, finances, convenience, yet both are unhappy in their own little world yet not doing a thing to change their circumstances. Phone sex is the bastion of many frustrated husbands that are too afraid to cheat for real.

We horny UK bitches are happy to service your rejected cocks that your wives are to cold to help you with. Tell us your dirty fantasies you’re too afraid to share with her she’d call you a pervert for having, you know she wouldn’t understand at all. We do. Tell us so we can indulge you in your naughty thoughts as we masturbate together. You know you’ve been aching, just like your balls, to have a more intimate kind of masturbation experience. Let’s face it, masturbation is all many of you have, so you might as well make it count.

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On Your Knees And Submit

On May 4, 2016, in Submission, by Admin

submission, BDSM, submit

My personality is a bit submissive, especially in the bedroom, and lots of callers that ring me up are total doms that like to talk about dominating and controlling me in the bedroom and I really like it. One of my favourite movies from my youth was “Nine and a Half Weeks,” it was a tale of domination and submission and it really had a big impact on me and recently the “Fifty Shades of Grey” movie really was also very arousing, how the girl in the movies would submit to her boyfriend and allow him to tie her up and whip her, spank her and do as he wished.

Some men just exude dominance and they need to be able to control their women. They want their submissives to have pleasure, but on their terms and only after they truly beg for it. A caller last night asked how many men I’d been made to beg for and did I like being used as a fucktoy for them and being made to submit to them like some filthy whore and I said yes, it made me wet just thinking about it, feeling the power they had over me as I was made to kneel on the floor before them like some slut and beg for their load of cum to be shot on my face.

Some get into everything from ball gags to hair pulling and if they are done properly by the right guy, it can be erotic. One naughty thing I do tend to enjoy is being choked. I know that can be dangerous and must be done safely, if in fact it even can, but I like when I am being grabbed around the throat and gasping for breath as I cum and they tell me it’s gonna hurt a little. Maybe that’s bad, maybe it’s wrong, but I only know it gets me off hard when they do it.

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Wet And Sloppy Blow Job

On April 30, 2016, in Sloppy Blowjobs, by Admin

blow job, oral sex, oral, sucking

I love giving nice, wet, sloppy blow jobs to my boyfriend, and needless to say, he loves them too! One thing callers are always asking for is a blow job description. I don’t think any guy out there is getting as many blow jobs as they want. They say to give a guy a blow job is like giving a girl flowers. Some would be happy with nothing but and would forgo intercourse entirely if they could have an endless steam of blow jobs. Some call up and they have never had one, and I am talking about married men that are in their fifties and sixties and have been married for decades, their wives simply will not do it. I guess if that’s not your thing fine, but what I don’t get is why they don’t find someone on the side to do it, like get a girlfriend or visit an escort. There’s no need for a guy not to have ever had one.

So the really deprived ones talk about it a lot, they have never had it and fantasize endlessly about it and ask what it’s like to give one, what it feels like. Blow jobs are indeed one of the more popular requests on phone sex lines. Some callers love the sounds as well and will ask you to suck your finger or a toy. Personally, I keep a rather thick marker next to the phone to reach over and grab when some request the blow job sucking sounds. It’s not difficult to give them that if they are satisfied with that.

A blow job is an excellent appetizer to a fantastic lovemaking session and turns most guys on incredibly, as long as someone is clean, why not, go for it and orally pleasure your man like he enjoys, let him lay back and let your tongue and lips do all the work. They don’t call it a job for nothing though, so look forward to when they will lick your pussy and return the favour.

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Huge Boob Tit Fuck

On April 28, 2016, in Huge Boobs, by Admin

huge boobs, bouncy boobs, tits, big tits

What guy doesn’t love huge boobs? Soft, squishy, squeezable. Great for a tit wank. Gliding that cock between those titties as the head of that cock gets licked with every thrust. Lots of callers ask what size boobs I’ve got, I tell them a C cup, that’s a good handful and mouthful and more than big enough for a tit wank. Some callers are quite the fans of strip clubs and love to watch the big breasted ladies bounce around on the stage. One such caller has a hole in his pocket and masturbates as he has his hand in his pocket and reaching through to his cock. I keep telling him one day he will get caught, kicked out and arrested, but he just laughs and says no one can see anything.

He goes on about this big titted professor he had in college that has “ruined his life with her big boobs.” Because he can’t stop thinking about them and he goes on about what a bitch she was and how she teased al the guys in class by wearing low cut blouses and was such a big titted whore and even now a couple of decades later he can’t stop fantasizing about her big tits and how she made all the boys in class stare at them. He’s quite obsessed with the huge boobs that lady had and he even talks about tracking her down over twenty years later and groping her once and for all.

I’ve never spoken to anyone who had such a fixation on anyone’s tits. Tits in general yes, but not one woman’s in particular. There is another caller that goes on about his ex wife’s boobs and how he liked to cum in her bra cups and squirt his cum into them. They are not on good terms at all for many years, yet her boobs seem to hold her in his thoughts. The fact that the breasts of a woman you have hated for years are still so present in your mind is kind of bizarre, really, yet some guys are like that over breasts.

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