Silky, Sexy Stockings

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Even when I’m home alone, I enjoy wearing pretty, sexy lingerie, just for myself. It’s the same reason I paint my toenails and shave my pussy even though I currently don’t have a man in my life, I do it for me, because it makes me feel better about myself and more confident and sexual. When I go out and have on a garter belt, stockings, and a matching bra and panty set, even though no one knows I am wearing those things underneath my clothes, I like how it makes me feel.

Sometimes guys call up when they are looking for phone sex and ask me what I am wearing. They might think I’m wearing jeans and a tee shirt or sweats looking like a slob, but I can tell them, you know what, I’m wearing black stockings with a seam up the back, a garter belt, a corset and heels and I like how sexy it makes me feel, the silk, the satin. I can practically hear their dicks getting hard as I’m describing what I’m wearing to them and they love it! I know they are gripping their cocks and pumping their dicks up and down when I tell them to and closing their eyes and envisioning what I’m wearing.

Guys I’ve fucked in real life love the type of old fashioned lingerie I wear, when women were real women. I’ve even done stripteases for them, tossing my stockings across their shoulders and slowly pulling them down, teasing them as I do, fluttering my eyelashes at them and then fucking their brains out. Some like to fuck while I’m still wearing the lingerie, just pulling the panties aside and being able to enjoy the view of me in the stockings and lingerie. It makes it hotter for us both when I’m looking my best.

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Horny MILF’s For Fucking

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I’m a lonely, horny MILF that turned to working the phone sex lines to get a bit of attention from men since my husband all but ignores me anymore. He’s always too busy for me, on business trips, or out golfing with his buddies, and I’m left home alone to masturbate to satisfy my sexual desires. I haven’t had sex in many months, he is just not interested anymore it seems.

I’ve been watching that young boy across the street more and more when he comes home from uni. He’s said hello to me when I’ve been outside before and I may just get a bit friendlier with him. I saw a movie about girls working a phone sex line last year and decided to give it a try myself and I’ve not only earned a bit of money, but had lots of fun and some interesting conversations with some very horny men of all ages. I should have done this years ago, it’s made my masturbation sessions a lot more entertaining and naughty! I’ve always had lots of fantasies and not felt comfortable telling my husband about them, yet I can tell these guys on the phone all about it with ease.

A man called last night and he told me some very dirty things and I was surprised I was turned on by them, but I was and I was touching my pussy as I talked to him about it and he encouraged me to tell him my fantasies as well. I’ve had so many talks like this, I wish I’d thought to try phone sex years ago, it’s added so much excitement to my life, and my husband doesn’t even know I’m into it. When he is home, he just watches porn and ignores me, the hot, neglected MILF.

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Chatting about Huge Boobs

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hass has huge boobsI know I am addicted to chatting on the phone. It is what I do during my down time from parties and porn.  I have learned so many new and interesting things from the guys I talk to.  I know that sounds lame but it is totally true. I know they like to look at pictures of me doing dirty shit but when we are chatting they want to get to know about me.  sure talk of my huge boobs always finds its way in there but it is never the focus of the conversation.


I have learned all manner of things from guys I chat with.  I have learned about farming, beets no less.  I talk to this other guy who sells sausage which to listen to him talk makes me want to travel to his neck of the woods just to try his sausage! Shame on you having those dirty thoughts! I could hide his sausage in my huge boobs.


Chatting is a great way to get to know people and when you spend as much time on the road as I do that is a good thing, you have someone to hang out with no matter where you are! I get jobs a lot of places, even once podunk alabama.  Sure would have been nice to have a familiar voice from chatting there!


I freak a lot of guys out when we are chatting because the inevitable question always some up, “what are you wearing?”


Well most of the time when they call to chat I have already went to bed and i sleep in the raw so it is always fun to hear their reaction to that when we’re chatting.  Trust me, those reactions to my dress(or lack of) could raise anyone’s self esteem.


If you have never tried intimate chatting you should.  Give me a jingle.  I am here waiting for you and most likely in the raw playing with my huge boobs!



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Your Degradation is my Strength

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I know you are probably the boss, the big man at work. Everyone thinks you’re all that even your wife doesn’t know the lengths you will go for a girl like me.  I bet you have never gotten on your knees before her and begged her to use you the way beg me to use you.  You begged for what ever I was willing to give you even if it was only the creampie of a real man curdling in my pussy. I love to watch you suffer degradation  and denial for me.


Your Degradation is my StrengthI bet you are at work right now and as you read this your dick is getting harder and harder as you are thinking about picking up the telephone and humiliating yourself by calling me, right there at your desk. I can imagine you trying to keep a straight face though your degradation , trying to keep a straight face as I use you with your dick in one hand and the telephone in the other.


Maybe you’re stronger than that, you think you can resist only to arrive home and to your unimpressive wife then you are in a bigger jam.  Your need is even stronger. You can feel yourself getting weaker the harder your dick gets. But your wife is right there! You imagine me telling you to get on your knees and the degradation is complete as you head down the basement stairs to hide in the corner out of sight of the wife.

That is a turn on, that gets my pussy wet.  Call me a sadist if you like.  I will own that.  Your degradation and debasement  gets me ready to fuck… oh no, not you.  A real man of course. Maybe I will let you listen on the phone while I get off with him. Heck maybe I will let you clean up, you never know until you just surrender and call!

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 submissive phone sex slaves I am a Professional Dominatrix a lot of my colleagues and submissive phone sex slaves will ask me, “Why phonesex?”  They cannot understand how, if I am not looking at them and talking to them face-to-face how phonesex could actually be something as exciting as I describe it. It confuses them.


The funny thing is though I can understand that way of thinking, I think when you are on the phone there is not the same level of commitment. You can call and get the feel of how domination works without having to answer to anyone when you hang up the phone unless you want to. I am betting you will probably want to.  There is nothing better than being able to set your fantasies free and live them with another person.


Submissive phone sex slaves new to phonesex or to the world of D/s  this can be a godsend. It will help them to build the courage to pursue their roll or can fulfill their need on the telephone. You can cast aside your embarrassment and be yourself because the lady on the other end of the phone cannot see you and had no idea your insecurities or if you are blushing furiously. The fact that you are shielded by the phone line makes it so much easier to share your D/s  kinks!


Sometimes when submissive phone sex slaves call me up that first time, they stay with me for very long time and never really want to go to that place where it’s real, which is just fine with me because that’s all some people need. I feel like when you phone up and you’re taking your first leap into D/s ,  that that may be the only step that you take, the only step you need to take. Many submissive phone sex slaves are fully satisfied with what they get on the phone which is a complete mind fuck. Most of my callers decide to take those next steps into the world of BDSM in their daily life, I love hearing their stories too. I feel like I have accomplished something good if I have directed someone to a lifestyle that will make them happy and fulfill their needs.


Another thing the inexperienced submissive phone sex slaves do not realize is that phonesex is very exciting on it’s own right. D/s  can be realized completely over the phone in the realm of fantasy. Many have fantasies that simply cannot be done in real life because they are either too fantastical or even too dangerous but in theater of the mind, the possibilities are endless, there is really nothing you cannot do. Nothing can make that better than having someone on the other end of the like going there with you. It doesn’t matter if it is your  first second or hundredth time, each experience is new and exciting and only limited by your own imagination.During a good phonesex session you are letting your imagination run wild.  You might experience things during a phonesex session that you can experience any other way. I think phonesex takes D/s  to the the extreme because there are no limits and no need for a safe word.

Submissive phone sex slaves who are interested in D/s  or even some other type of kink who want to learn more or just get their feet wet before deciding if this is something they want to make real or keep as just a fantasy really should look into phonesex as an option. You do not have to jump into anything you’re not ready to do. The phonesex mistress is there to train you to be her good submissive which could be the springboard for your very own real lifestyle change. Many of the submissive phone sex slaves I have trained and spoken to on the telephone have went on to enjoy meaningful BDSM relationships. I have encountered them in my travels and am always proud to see the transformation from submissive phone sex slaves to real-time slaves on their knees serving.


Many of my submissive phone sex slaves call me in hopes to become my real time slave and that is just not possible, other than being my real time phone slave. They have taken the wrong avenue for that. Phone domination generally falls into two categories, a primer and a fantasy. As explained above the primer is training submissive phone sex slaves for eventual experiences in real time and the fantasy submissive phone sex slaves like to keep it to the phone because either it is something they do not want to take to the next level or can’t.

Now there are some submissive phone sex slaves who take a different route altogether and happen to be my absolute favorite type of caller, though rare. This is the slave boy that becomes a GFE experience as well. GFE stands for girlfriend experience. The want a girlfriend so they can disconnect from any time it is convenient for them and stil have all the perks and responsibilities of a relationship, sometimes even the drama! Submissive phone sex slaves who are looking for this unique kind of relationship are generally, successful, well spoken slaves who simply have no time to develop relationships so they come to me for one, of course not a vanilla one, I dominate even my GFE callers, it is who I am.

aimee loves phone headI just had the most fantastic blow job call.  Most of my blow job calls are pretty quick because I am really good at what I do.  I love sucking cock both in real life and on the phone.  The secret to my fantastic blog job call is just logic, I duck on a dong while I do the call.  The only way to really convince a man of the authenticity of a blow job is to really suck a cock. So when I take a blow job call I pick the dong I have a assigned to that caller.  I know a lot of my blow job callers by their voice, they tend to call back :)  If they are a new caller I pick out a dong for them and go to town.


I suck dick exactly how they tell me to and if they do not tell me I just start fucking my head with the dong and figure out which aspect of the cock sucking turns them on the most.  Is it the slurping sounds of spit moving up and down on the cock, the choking  coughing gags, talking with my mouth full or the, “all the way down” noises. Whichever it is that drives them wild, I try to do that a lot for them so they get the most out of their blow job call.

The guys who take control know exactly what they like me to do and tell me. It seems like by the time I think I have them figured out they find a new bent in their blow job desires.  I like that they keep me on my toes. It is exciting to know that my blow job call gets so many guys off in so many places around the world!

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Foot Addict Appreciation Day

On December 24, 2013, in foot fetish, Hardcore, by Admin

foot addict appreciation dayMy favorite foot addict came for his impromptu session and all I was really in the mood for today was some foot worship. It is days like these when I really enjoy and crave the attention of my foot slaves. I did not want to have to deal with giving orders, spanking, pegging or doing anything at all that required physical activity from me.  I was walking around all day, shopping. I try to do all my shopping into one day and make a kind of mini holiday out of it, but even fun takes it toll on your feet. Some may not think that shopping is all that labor intensive but I have news for you, in five inch pumps, that is quite a feat. I was out all day; morning until well into the night on pumps and pantyhose.  My feet were sweaty, hot, sore and and in need of the attentions of an attentive foot addict. I certainly needed some deep tissue massage as well as some percussion for those achy bones.


It is my good fortune to own a foot slave. My favorite foot addict is just that, a foot addict and nothing more. I had no requirements to entertain him. Sure, he loves thigh high hose, sweaty  well worn socks and pantyhose and anything else that has anything to do with feet but this particular foot slave actually requires little more than being allowed to smell,  sniff and spoil my pretty feet to get drive him wild and feel like he actually accomplished something. Serving my feet makes him feel as if he was given a special treat. He was enraptured when I told him my feet were extra stinky, as you can imagine after all day in five inch pumps sweaty ,hot, stinky and smelly! He was in tickled pink to learn was invited to my house to get it ready for a complete foot worship session with all the frills. I had never allowed him the extravagance to just go wild before and he certainly did. He was in foot addict heaven! I know my foot addict was hard as a rock the entire time he went to was preparing my bath for my arrival; complete with bubbles, bath salts and scented oils. I know as soon as he was given permission to get out all of his lotions and notions for foot pampering including all the pedicure tools,nail  polishes and such, it made it hard for him not to blow his nut without permission.


I could only guess at the amount of pre-cum he had to lick off his fingers as it dripped from the tip of his erect penis. The eating of his own pre-cum is part of the whole foot service ritual,  he was spellbound by the prep work and and the main event would simply push him over the edge and into the abyss. I knew the particular part of foot worship that my foot addict craved the most was when I first came through the door on achy feet, set my packages to the side then sat, exhausted, in my favorite recliner and raised my feet for him to begin his brand ove servitude or better named, lovemaking.  He made love to my feet as only a besotted suitor could.  He pulled up his special foot stool he used for footwork at the recliner, sat down on it and it was my turn to fall into absolute bliss as his fingers and mouth worked their magic..  I tell you, a true foot addict is a priceless commodity for any mistress to own.


He took his sweet time sniffing the sweat of my feet with my pumps still on. He licked my pumps clean of any debris before he took them off, it was almost pure ecstasy when I felt the cool air hit as he slipped those shoes off my feet and the cool air raced around them. It was almost immediate release of all tension, but not quite. It felt so good as he rubbed my hose clad feet and sniffed away. My foot addict loves hot, sweaty feet. He claims the best foot scents were in the air just as my feet are pulled from the shoe.

He then proceeded to remove my thigh high hose and treat his nose to a thorough sniffing of the foot of them(he got to take those home as a gift for good foot service, sometimes we use them for phone sex when we can not be together for whatever reason) He \finally got to the good part. The part I was waiting for to truly take me away.The part my sore feet were begging for, the foot massage by a true aficionado, of my hot smelling feet. My God, it was wonderous. He used all of the assets of a good foot addict to his advantage when massaging my feet: strong hands, soft lips, moist tongue and tickling fingernails.  There is nothing quite like having an experienced foot addict to massage away the day. The release after a long day of walking on pumps followed by a complete foot worship session is incomparable unless you have had the distinct pleasure to experience it yourself. It is better than sex. It is like a whole body orgasm beginning at your feet and working its way up to total relaxation.

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Public Humiliation: Dildo Shopping

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sondra the slut public humiliation

sondra the slut public humiliation

My Master took me to one of his favorite sex-shops for public humiliation. He loves it because the management made the command decision to hire only “alternative” type females. They’re usually tattooed, pierced and one was even collared. Perhaps the fact the the bitches are obviously sluts makes the customers feel more relaxed and ready to buy sex toys.


When we walked into the sex shop with my Master he made me do all the talking, he knows all the tricks to public humiliation.   First, he had me introduce him as Master, and then I had  to tell the sales girl, that I am a slave girl in need of punishment.  Just to further the public humiliation , he continued talking with the sales girl;  telling her why we were there in more detail.


He tells her what an ass I have made of myself by disobeying his rules and acting out sexually on my own that he feels I should be punished in kind for being such a naughty girl. She immediately understands and leads him to the anal toys. They have an in depth discussion  as if I am not there which furthers my public humiliation before selecting a toy.

I thought my mortification had ended there but after he scans his credit card he tells me to crawl to the corner and continues his discussion with the sales girl. I see him opening the plastic wrappings of the butt plug and they both walk over. My master is very charismatic and he when he offered the sales girl to , “Do the honors?” She blushed but that did  not stop her from taking the plug from his hands. She reached for some lube samples in jar on the corner and he said, “No, suck it.” She protested pretty pathetically but it was in her mouth within thirty seconds and he had her gagging on it is 60.

He pulled it from her mouth when it was wet enough and told her to hold my cheeks apart and shoved the huge butt plug in my tight asshole in one firm thrust. I collapsed after an initial scream and lay sobbing in the corner while my master made firm plans with the sales girl slut thus taking my public humiliation full circle.

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Submission Phone Sex with Hollywould

On November 3, 2013, in Hardcore, Submission, by Admin

hollywould submission phone sexMy name is hollywould. My name is not important. I am a 24/7 slave. For as long as I can remember I have sought to travel down a path of darkness, submission, degradation, and complete service. A slut has to know her place. I’m here on adult phone pal  offering my services, submission, and my collar for rent to anyone who cares to use me. The cruelest Masters will find I am quite entertaining. The more sadistic they are the wetter my pussy gets.They know how to use me perfectly, exactly the way I deserve to be used.


I am a lifestyle submissive and I know what my place is. I am well-trained in many different aspects of submission. My collar is ready. Tug it and make me do stupid pet tricks for you.


Don’t let the fact that I come off as shy and sweet fool and intelligent You. I am a total pain slut, cum dumpster and deserve to be treated like every other whore. I need to be abused hard in order to get off. I have a deep desire i that draws me to serve and serve well and I can take it. I often tease and torment guys who are not dominant into ravishing me. I will show more than a little flesh, a peek to entice the men that I meet to get them to take me. Please Punish me for being such a tease. I’ll thank  for it Master..

There’s a masochistic longing in me that makes me want want to have a fists wrapped in my hair, cocks in all of my holes, and a commanding voice demanding me, pushing me and whipping me to the limit and beyond. Your power, Sir, is measured by your ability to make me surrender to you. Make me beg. Make me cry. Push me into a state  hopelessness and surrender them make me return there over and over again. It is my honor to serve you. Use me, Sir. I need it more than You know.

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1 888 Phone Pal ext 413547

Its not very often that you can strike up a conversation about fisting and even less common that you can strike up a conversation about fisting yourself. When I was younger though I used to think that my pristine pussy would never be able to accommodate a fist. I watched porn, I Even got into the idea but I had a little bit of pussy pride when it came to fisting. It’s not too hard to assume that I was destined to one day be proven wrong. So wrong.

There’s no possible way to fist this pussy I thought. I even let a guy I was dating at the time know my theory that my pussy was far too tight to ever be violated by a fist. He laughed and assured me that any pussy can take a fist. They are designed to withstand birth after all and a man’s fist is definitely not that wide. Still, I stuck to my erroneous conclusion on fisting and insisted that he’d never be able to ever get his hand inside of my inviolate vagina. Did I mention I was wrong? I totally was wrong.

When he lubed up his fingers I was almost sitting there and being smug. How do you sit spread eagle wanting to take a fist and be smug about it? Well, you be a silly girl of course.

He shoved two fingers inside. It was slow at first but then out of nowhere and quite against my will he balled those fingers and shoved them all right in. Wham. I want from fingering to fisting in the span of about a second or two. “Right up there.” he said to my gasping for breath. I couldn’t say anything at first even though the fist went right inside. There was nothing to say to that.

Kelli: Fisting
888 Phone Pal
888 746 6372 ext 413547